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Improved Apps

Improved Apps is a software development company who compete globally and specialise in a range of software tools that enhance the users’ Salesforce (a CRM product) experience. Improved Apps had an existing brand but were looking to refresh it, revitalise and strengthen it.

We were approached to work with Improved Apps to develop a strong brand that would elevate them in the global marketplace.

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How we helped


Problem ...

Improved Apps have a range of global customers but their brand and communications didn’t reflect this – they looked small and “start-up” as opposed to knowledgable and reassuring. It was therefore challenging for them to stand out from their competitors. Their entire range of communications lacked brand style, personality and impact preventing them competing on a global level.

Our Solution ...

Created a fresh, modern, confident brand that reflected their products & services, enabling them to compete globally particularly in the American marketplace.

Brand Identity

We worked with Improved Apps and retained elements of their previous logo to give continuity and customer recognition. Their logo was redrawn keeping the ‘i’ graphic but also with a modernised glow. A clear, modern font was used helping unify the logo, along with a fresher, brighter colour palette.

In addition, a range of secondary logos were developed for their products. Each had its own logo, colour palette and incorporated the ‘i’ icon reflecting the main corporate logo. 

Brand guidelines were developed covering everything from their logo usage, sub brands, colours, to typography and graphical styling giving a strong foundation on which to grow.

Improved Apps now have a striking style, development work modernised their visual style, connected yet differentiated their sub brands and communicated their global offering.

Graphic Design

A number of designs featuring different brand elements were created for their range of business cards. As a result each member of the team was able to choose which option they preferred for their own business cards giving them some personal involvement in promoting the company.

Marketing materials were also developed and a range of designs were created for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files. From these designs templates were created, enabling all staff to produce communications and documents that were consistent with the overall brand and corporate style.

Improved Apps now have a complete sales and marketing toolkit, however they choose to promote themselves.

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