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The HGV Training Group

The HGV Training Group are a collection of companies who offer HGV Training and Recutiment throughout the UK, with courses covering Cat C, C+E, Back to Back combined courses and many more.

We has worked with the HGV Training Group since 2008 developing their multiple brands and implementing those brand styles across a range of on and offline communications.

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How we helped


Problem ...

The multiple brands of the HGV Training Group all needed their own brand style, individual voice and unique selling points communicated.

Their brands targeted different aspects of the marketplace – some aimed at ex military, others aimed at a more corporate market. In a highly competitive market, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and this is where we came in.

Our Solution ...

Created, shaped & evolved mulitple brands, giving each a unique visual style across all promotional elements whether on or offline helping them stand out from their competitors.

Brand Identity

We have worked with the HGV Training Group over a number of years and an extensive range of branding work has been done for many of the group companies evolving those brands to reflect the companies they are today.

Work covers developing a visual style for each brand that truly reflects each company, mirrors their brand values and ethos and directly appeals to their individual targets markets.

We have taken this branding across their full range of marketing materials creating a series of dominant, successful brands.

Graphic Design

A range of marketing materials have been developed to promote each brand which includes brochures, inserts, flyers, direct mail, folders, welcome packs, posters, adverts, truck livery, signage and event materials. Each brand has their own unique style which is reflected in all of their marketing materials.

Each company has a full marketing toolkit enabling their sales team to have all the information they need at hand to help convert buyers.

Marketing Campaigns

We have created over 20 promotional campaigns – each with a specific time sensitive offer. Content was created by us and we designed all of the promotional elements covering both offline and online communications.

Work across the multiple brands included landing pages to highlight the specific offers along with website graphics on key pages to push people towards those landing pages. Print work covering posters, flyers and brochures was also produced for each campaign, along with social media graphics and of course email marketing.

Each campaign had a positive impact on their monthly turnover and targets, with some campaigns increasing their targets by 200%.

Increase on sales targets
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A selection of our other work

Get the edge over your competitors, call our expert team on 01256 806333

Reviews from our small business clients


An excellent choice for a business support partner

I have worked with Michelle at AdvantEdge for over 15 years. During that time Michelle has run our branding, website design and promotional design. Since contracting with Michelle we have had many branding, website and promotional needs; usually requiring a quick turnaround. Without exception, not only has Michelle positively executed our needs but has delivered ahead of deadlines, continually exceeding our expectations.

This and Michelle’s continual positivity and often short notice support is unusual in business these days, an attribute that has proved to be a factor in our business success. These qualities, coupled with Michelle’s approachability and can-do spirit, make AdvantEdge Agency an excellent choice for a business support partner. I have no hesitation in highly recommending both Michelle and AdvantEdge Agency.

Tom McGhie, The HGV Training Group