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The Silk Route

The Silk Route are a well established business and sell an unique collection of luxurious silk fabrics, threads and ribbons.

They have been trading for well over 20 years – a long time in today’s small business world and certainly something worth celebrating. AdvantEdge Agency were approached to help them commemorate this event, they also decided that it was time to refresh their brand and marketing materials and commissioned us to undertake the task.

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How we helped


Problem ...

After more than 20 years in business, with the same logo, The Silk Route was in drastic need of a refresh. All of their marketing elements needed addressing – from their brand and print work to their website.

Their old logo looked ‘hand drawn’ and didn’t reflect their business and their website, whilst showing some products, didn’t allow for online shopping.

Our Solution ...

Refreshed & revitalised their brand, showcased their stunning range of products online enticiing people to buy.

Brand Identity

As the Silk Route were an established business and had an existing brand, it was important to retain some form of continuity between the old and the new.

The old logo was created more than 20 years ago so was definitely in need of a redesign. The curve shape made out of text, indicated the direction the silk route or silk road took, starting in China and finishing in Venice, the client wanted to retain this shape to keep some continuity between the old and new logo.

The new logo retained the curve but it was used as a graphical shape rather than being made up of text. This graphic was set between stylised, modern looking type holding the logo together.

The Silk Route now has a much fresher, more contemporary identity, fitting in far better with the company’s values and today’s lifestyle.

Graphic Design

This logo was then applied to their stationery where images of their beautiful silk products were used, accenting the back of business cards, top of letterheads and compliment slips, emphasising the huge range of gorgeous silks they sell and helping their unique, striking brand to evolve and grow.

The rebranding was also applied to banners and signage for shows, all printed materials, packaging and promotional items.

The Silk Route now have a cohesive collection of marketing materials, that showcase their extensive range of silk products, helping customers ‘see before they buy’.

Website Design & Development

The Silk Route website was updated showcasing their delicious range of silk products and enabled customers to buy online.

The new brand style was applied along with stunning photographs, giving a strong visual impact to the site. A bespoke ecommerce CMS was developed so the client could manage all their content, products, sales and promotions at the touch of a button. The website development created a far more intuitive users experience, with strong calls to actions, prominent USPs and highlighted their range of products.

A social media strategy was also developed bringing together Facebook and email marketing. Email open rates far exceeded industry standards and online sales drastically increased.

This all enabled The Silk Route to become far more visible through a variety of different means, had a dramatic impact on the website traffic, but more importantly on their online sales.

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Art Direction & Photography

We worked with The Silk Route to determine a brand style for their product photography that would emphasise their vast range of luxurious silk products and be used across all of their marketing materials.

We developed a style that visually demonstrated the quality, texture and colours inherent within each piece of silk, enabling each and every customer to see the products in their best light.

The Silk Route now have a full image library to show their customers that showcases their unique range of stunning products.

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Reviews from our small business clients

silk route

This resulted in the delivery of a website that is even better than we anticipated

After over 20 years in business we decided that our image was becoming somewhat staid and needed refreshing. We turned to AdvantEdge, who came up with a new logo that was new, exciting and exactly met the image that we wished to portray. They not only supplied a new look but also extended it to our stationery, publicity, advertising and packaging.

AdvantEdge Agency designed our existing website, with which we were very pleased, and the resulting ‘look’ helped us to increase our mail order significantly. So when we decided to upgrade to an on-line shopping site we returned to them. The AdvantEdge team listened to our requirements. They took note of our individual requests and tailored the results to our specific needs.

The whole process was made easy and understandable with consultation at every level. This resulted in the delivery of a website that is even better than we anticipated.

Hilary, The Silk Route